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Water extraction is necessary for flooded basements

Is Your Basement a Flood Risk?

Basements are the most common level of a house to flood. Because they’re lower and often mostly underground, water leaks into them from both the outside and the inside. Heavy rains, long rains, and burst or leaky pipes can all cause your basement to flood. And each time it floods, you need water extraction services to help clean it out and make the space usable again. Certain basements are at a higher risk of flooding than others. Here’s how to tell if your basement is a flood risk.

Home Location

Where your home was built, and more specifically the soil it was built on, is a major contributor to the flood risk of your basement. Houses built on or near floodplains are more likely to experience floods due to the high levels of water in the area. Certain soils can absorb water when it rains or snows. These soils then release the water back into your home, rising up through the floors rather than flowing down through doors, windows, or foundation cracks. If your home was built in these areas, it has a higher risk of flooding without proper prevention.

Foundation Strength

The foundation of most homes is designed to protect against many natural hazards, including heavy rainfall and storms. However, if there’s damage to your house’s foundation, rain can easily find its way in. If your doors and windows don’t have a proper seal, rain can seep in and leave floods on every level of your home. Even a small crack in your structural foundation can turn into a flood as rainwater continues to pour in. Getting your home regularly inspected for any cracks or damages is a great way to determine if your basement is at risk of flooding.

Pipe Integrity

The pipes of your home serve an important purpose. Without them, water can’t be delivered around to where you need it. But if your pipes become loose or burst, then that water has to go somewhere. And where it most often goes is your basement. Older pipes are at a greater risk of breaking, so getting them replaced is a good way to reduce your risk of basement flooding. But even newer pipes could pose a threat if they aren’t properly maintained, especially in areas with dramatic temperature shifts.

Water Extraction Services in Northern Idaho

If your basement floods, you want high-quality water extraction services to help your home get restored. At Insight Restoration, our technicians are available 24/7 to respond to any emergency flood situation. Not only will we extract the water from your basement, but we’ll also identify the source of the flood. We offer all varieties of waterproofing services to help you and your home avoid further flood damage. If you want to access your basement’s flood risk or need help cleaning up a flood, give us a call anytime, any day, at (208) 427-2534.

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