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Five Questions You Should Ask about Mold Removal

Are you concerned with mold in your home? If you’ve seen the telltale patches of green or black spores growing in your basement, bathroom, or kitchen, then you might have a mold problem. If you are concerned that you have mold, it is imperative that you not ignore the problem. Your mold is not going to go away on its own. It will only get worse. The mold will continue to grow and expand. If you do not get rid of the mold, you will subject yourself and your family to unhealthy air quality. In the end, the cost of removing the mold will be more expensive and your health could be compromised.


The first question that must be answered is the overall cost of the mold removal. Even though you don’t have a lot of time, you should get more than one quote for the mold removal. It is important to know that the company you select is not trying to take advantage of you. However, the cheapest bid is not always the best bid. You need to not only consider the cost but consider which company will provide the best service.


When getting these quotes, you must find out what the individual companies believe is behind the mold. If the company has no idea why the mold is occurring or has no plans to get rid of the reason behind the mold, then this is not the company for you. If there is mold, there is moisture. You must resolve where the water is coming from to prevent a future recurrence.

Certified and Insured

The next question that must be answered is whether the company is certified and insured. Anyone can claim to be an expert. However, not everyone can adequately remove your mold problem. Regarding insurance, the company needs to have more than general liability insurance. You want a company with professional liability or errors and omissions insurance. Don’t take their word for it on their certification or insurance. Ask to see a copy of both. What should you look for when they provide you with proof? You should look to see what certification they carry, and which organization provided it. The same goes with insurance. You should make sure that the insurance is provided by a reputable company.


If your mold removal expert is refusing to work with anyone else, he or she is not a good fit for you. You should not be lured into the one-stop shop philosophy. A better result can be found when the mold removal expert is willing to get assistance from experts from other fields if the need arises. For example, if your potential mold removal expert believes that your mold situation is the result of a structural issue, he should not be jacking up your house to fix it. The mold expert needs to contact a foundation expert.


The last question that needs to be answered is regarding inspections. Your mold removal expert needs to agree that post removal testing will be done by another party. Yes, it would be cheaper to stick with the same company. However, when you get another company to review their work, you will get better results. In addition, your mold removal expert needs to agree to certain testing parameters before doing the job. Then, when the work is completed, those parameters must be met before payment will be completed. This agreement protects you from shoddy work. Once the work is done, then the post-removal team will determine if the removal experts reached the goals that were previously set. Only after those goals have been reached should payment be made.

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If you have mold, it is important to not ignore the problem. Select the right company to protect your property and family. You must do your homework.

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Why You Should Tarp or Board Up Property Damage

When a disaster strikes, it can be devastating for you and your family. Years of hard work and fond memories can be wiped out in an instant as the result of fire, tornado, or hurricane. As a result, it can be hard to look at your home and not want to walk away, saying, “What’s it matter? The damage is already done. Why bother to tarp or board up damage?”

However, walking away is not a good decision for you to make. There are several different reasons why walking away is not the right option to take.

Prevent Further Damage

The first reason to tarp or board up damage is to prevent further damage. Your home may have sustained substantial damage, but if it is not a total loss, tarping and boarding up your home can prevent further damage. When rain or snow piles in through an open area, continued damage will occur. You could also see further damage from animals getting in through any open areas and further tearing up your home. By tarping or boarding up your damage, you can prevent this from occurring.

Continued Insurance Coverage

The next reason to tarp or board up damage is for continued insurance coverage. Some insurance policies will not cover further damage caused after the original event occurs. As a result, you neglecting to protect your home from further damage could result in your policy not being enforced. It is important to do everything you can to prevent further damage from occurring to your home while waiting for repairs to be made.

Prevent Vagrants

When you leave a portion of your home open to the public, you may get more than a few unwanted animals. You may also get some people who decide to squat in your home or rummage through your personal belongings to take what they can make a quick sell through stealing.


If an uninvited person were to enter your damaged home and somehow get injured, you could still be found responsible for his or her injuries. The last thing you need is to pay for someone getting hurt on your property in addition to dealing with the damage to your home.


There are other times when you should consider tarping and boarding up, like when there is an anticipated natural disaster looming around the corner. For example, there is usually ample warning prior to a hurricane hitting landfall. If you know in advance that a hurricane is coming, you should have your home tarped and boarded up. By doing so, you can potentially save your home from receiving damage.

Get Help

It is dangerous to tarp or board up after a home has endured a fire or storm damage. If you are to do it yourself, you must be sure that the potential for harm is a low risk. Otherwise, you must contact an expert.

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Experts in tarping and boarding are ready to assist you in your time of need. They want to see you preserve your home until proper repairs can be made. Not only can tarping and boarding prevent further damage to your home, it might be a requirement to keep your insurance active.

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