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Six Tips for Storm Damage Cleanup

Property damage from relentless weather and storms can be disastrous on homes and business premises. Storm damage cleanup can be a daunting task. The most common mistake regarding storm damage is calling your insurance company first. While calling them within a certain window of time is important, there are also some things you should do before picking up the phone.

First, you should call a high-quality, reputable storm damage restoration company such as Insight Restoration. We will fully inspect your property to find exactly what damage the storm left behind. We often find damage that insurance adjusters overlook. By having a full report and inspection on hand before an adjuster arrives on your property, you avoid missing out on repairs that should have been covered. Below are six tips to help with immediate storm damage cleanup:

Extract Water

With a heavy storm comes heavy rains and possible flooding and water damage. If water comes into your home, it’s essential to remove all water carefully. Let your sump pump do its job, then remove the rest of the water with a wet vac or mop. Clean any drains that are covered in debris and vacuum the water from them as well.

Keep Air Circulating

Once the storm subsides, you need to find a way to keep air circulating in your home. Open vents and windows and set a fan to keep fresh air flowing through rooms. The quicker everything dries, the less potential there is for mold, mildew, and permanent damage. A dehumidifier will also help remove damp air and facilitate the dry-out process.

Check for Leaks

Survey the inside of your home to see if there are any water spots on ceilings or near chimneys. This is a sign of additional roof problems, including compromised shingles or inadequate flashing. Also, check for leaks in appliances and around the foundation of your home.

Fix Broken Glass

High winds and flying debris might have shattered a window or door in your home. If the window is cracked or only partially broken, inspect the pane and surrounding frame to assess whether the window is stable as-is. If the window shattered, try to determine how far the glass scattered to evaluate how big your cleanup area will be. Look for glass shards or particles behind furniture, within cushions, and on top of furniture surfaces — not just on the floor.

Clean with Disinfectant

A storm can bring in a variety of contaminants from sewage to chemicals. Be sure to clean floors, walls, and furniture with disinfectant. Even a solution of warm water and bleach will work.

Tarp and Board Up

When done correctly, covering your roof and boarding up holes in your home caused by storm damage can save you a lot of money. Leaks will be contained, animals will be kept out, and your risk of unnecessary vandalism will decrease. Utilizing board-up or tarp-over services from a trained professional can keep your overall repair costs, as well as stress levels, down.

Taking time to address a broken window or damaged roof immediately can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. For a fast response with professional results, call Insight Restoration today at 208-427-2534 or visit us online at

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