Appliance Failures Frozen

Appliance Failures

Pipe Failures

Pipe failures can happen for a variety of reasons. Frozen pipes, failed appliances, or water lines can cause a significant amount of water damage within short periods of time. The only way to restore a property from pipe failures properly is to hire a certified water restoration professional.

At Insight Restoration, we have over 50 years of collective experience restoring water damaged properties to their pre-loss condition. Equipped with a professional team of certified technicians we are available to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Servicing the Idaho metro areas of Bonners’ Ferry, Sandpoint, and Coeur d’Alene, Insight Restoration can react quickly to any unexpected damage that occurs within your property.

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Common Property Pipeline Failures

Waterline failures are the most common types of water damage restoration situations. Though it may seem like a small occurrence, a failed waterline can cause massive amounts of damage.

Failed Pipes

Through normal wear and tear, waterlines within a property can fail through corrosion or rust. The smallest cracks in a waterline can lead to significant water damage.

If you are facing water damage from a failed pipe, you need to act fast. First, turn off the main water valve to the property and next, immediately call a certified restoration contractor.

Although the clean-up is a simple process, you should never attempt it on your own. These types of failures are typically covered by insurance and are not considered catastrophic, but require a certified water damage professional to handle the repairs.

Appliance Failures

The most common appliances within a home depend on waterlines to function properly. Water damage can occur from the failure of the following appliances:

Dishwasher: Dishwashers have several little connections feeding multiple water lines. If one of these connections fails, undirected water can feed into the subfloors, behind baseboards, and under cabinets.

Washing Machine: Often located in the basement, on the main floor, or even a second-floor laundry room, washing machines that fail can cause significant water damage to the surrounding areas.

Ice Machine: When ice gets backed up within an ice machine, it can cause the adjacent waterlines to clog. If it gets backed up enough, it can cause cracks within the water connections, quickly producing large amounts of water damage.

Water Heater: It can be common for the base of a water heater to corrode to a point where it can no longer hold the water within the tank. Typically located in attics, main levels, or basements, water heaters that fail can completely soak their surroundings in mere minutes.

Sump Pump: The key is to keep the pump properly maintained and to test it periodically to ensure proper function. However, if failure does occur, the clean-up will require a certified water damage professional.


Frozen Pipes

The damage from a frozen pipe usually does not emerge at the point of destruction. Instead, the damage will happen once the water thaws and returns to a normal state. During the freeze, pipes can crack and break from the expansion.

Property owners can experience quite a surprise when hundreds of gallons of water drench the surrounding building materials, saturate insulation, and accumulate behind the walls. Only a certified water damage restoration professional can properly identify the extent of the damage and restore the affected areas to their pre-loss conditions.

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Choose Insight Restoration to Restore your Property from Water Damage Properly

When damage occurs on your property, the key to proper clean-up is to act fast. Choosing a certified and experienced restoration contractor is key.  At Insight Restoration, we are certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration), and have the expertise to address property damage of any size! Better yet, our trained crews can restore your home to its pre-loss condition quickly — allowing you to get on with your daily schedule with minimum stress.

Affiliated with the Panhandle Building Contractors Association and the National Association of Home Builders, we stay active within the restoration community. Each year we also sponsor the local Relay for Life and other charities that support Breast Cancer Awareness.

Do not wait to call an experienced disaster restoration contractor. The longer you wait, the costlier the damage. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we are always available to respond to all types of emergency restoration situations. Equipped with the right knowledge and expertise, our team can respond immediately to your call.

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