A pipe restoration company can easily fix a leaky pipe

What to Do When You Discover a Leaky Pipe

When things don’t work properly in your home, it’s easy to feel frustrated and stressed. Leaky pipes are a common household concern that are often discovered. At the same time, leaky pipes can go undiscovered long enough for them to cause serious damage. When you do discover a leaky pipe in your home, you’ll likely need a pipe restoration company to help get your home back to perfect condition. If left untreated, or treated poorly, the damages sustained from a leaky pipe could be severe.

How to Detect a Leaky Pipe

Piping in your house runs everywhere, not just in places that are easily visible. For exposed pipes, such as those under sinks, you’ll easily be able to notice a leak by seeing the water dripping. However, if the leak is in a pipe that’s hidden behind a wall, it can be harder to notice right away.

Telltale signs of a leaky pipe behind a wall include:

–  Visible discoloration on walls

–  Bubbling of wallpaper

–  Noticeable dripping sound

–  Increased water bill without an increased use in water

If you notice any of these or see a leak in a visible pipe, you’ll need to act fast to get it repaired.

Dangers of a Leaky Pipe

Without quick action, a leaky pipe could lead to hazardous dangers in your home. Water can seriously damage your house’s structural integrity, especially if you have wooden supports near the source of the leak. Not only will the water naturally weaken the wood, but it can also attract a host of pests and insects that will eat away at the wood, further weakening the structure.

Pests and insects aren’t the only things that a watery environment can attract. Mold thrives in a moist environment and can easily grow and spread past the leaky pipe. Mold poses serious health threats to your family, even if it’s not visible. Mold spores can travel in the air and cause allergic reactions and infections.

Water can also pose a threat to your home’s electrical wiring. Pipes and wires both run behind your walls. If your pipe is leaky, the water could easily drip down onto the wires. If this happens, you run the risk of electrical shock or damage any time you use an electrical appliance. Acting fast when you discover a leaky pipe is the only way to ensure that your family and home are safe and structurally sound.

Discovering a leaky pipe in your home is never easy, but acting fast can be the difference between a quick fix with minimal damages and a larger restoration project. With a qualified pipe restoration company, you can restore your home and protect your family’s health. Insight Restoration has a team of trained and certified pipe restoration specialists that can fix your leaky pipe and any damages it may have caused. Our phone lines are open 24/7 at (208) 427-2825.

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