Your water damage restoration team will help your home

What to Expect from Your Water Damage Restoration Team

When your home suffers water damage, you need an experienced water damage restoration team to help fix it up. But getting water damage restored can be a complicated process. You may not always know what to expect. When you hire a water restoration team, you are inviting strangers into your home to do work you don’t know much about. By knowing about the restoration process itself, you can feel more confident in the work they’re doing on your house.

Water Extraction

The first step in many water damage restoration cases is to extract the water. This may not always be necessary if the damage is small, such as a leaky pipe. But in the instance of floods or burst pipes, your team will need to extract the water in order to fully evaluate the damages and begin repairs.

Your team will use industry-standard tools, including pumps, drains, and hoses to remove the standing water from your home. Then, they’ll use high-powered fans and dehumidifiers to remove the excess water from the air and any furnishings, carpets, or upholstery. In some cases, it’s impossible to accurately assess the damages without fully extracting the water.


Once your team has removed the water, a qualified home water damage inspector will assess the area. Your inspector will check for any telltale signs of water damage. These include mold, structural damage, and even electrical concerns. Depending on where the water damage is in your home and how large of an area it impacts, it can cause a lot more problems. It’s important to have your home inspected after it suffers water damage. You need to ensure that there are no hidden problems left behind.


Now that your team has removed the water and discovered the damages, they can begin the restoration work. This will depend mainly on the types of damages your home sustained. Restoration can involve replacing sections of your floors or walls that became damaged or discolored, removing mold, replacing electrical outlets or wiring, and repairing damages to your home’s supports.

Before any work is started, your inspector will provide you with a report detailing the damages they found and the estimated time and money cost to repair them. With this list in hand, you can confidently contact your home insurance company to see what your policy will cover. Many policies include protection from floods and burst pipes. They may not cover damages from leaky pipes and other smaller sources.

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