Quick thinking can help flood damage restoration go smoothly

First Steps After a Flood

When your house floods, you’re often left to deal with a lot of aftermath. Any kind of disaster in your home can make you feel panicked, which makes the clean-up and restoration more difficult. When you’re facing the task of flood damage restoration, time is of the essence to make your home safe and healthy again. Keeping a clear head and handling tasks in the proper order can help you stay calm during the process. Here are the steps you need to take when your home experiences a flood.

Water Extraction

Removing the water from your home is the first and most important step in flood restoration. The longer water sits in your home, the more damage it can cause. Floodwaters can cause mold, structural damages, electrical issues, and disease or illness. It’s imperative that you call a flood damage restoration company as soon as possible to begin the water extraction process. The company will drain the water out of the flooded area and start drying out the room. Acting quickly can help you avoid further damages and repair costs.

Take Stock

While the flooded area is drying out, it’s time to take stock of your belongings and the damages sustained. Your flood damage restoration company can provide you with an inspection of the area. They’ll give you a detailed list of what was damaged. It’s also a good idea to go through the furniture and stored items that were in the room to see if anything of value was damaged.

Many insurance policies will cover flood damage repairs up to a certain point. After you get the quote from your inspector for the cost and duration of the repairs, call your insurance company. Having a list available of what else was damaged will help you get the most from your insurance and replace anything that was affected.


Once you have dried out the area and repaired the damages, it’s a good idea to work on preventing future floods. Many home repair companies offer such services. The inspector who determined the damages will likely be able to tell you where and why the water came in. You can have your home restoration company add additional insulation and sealants around any cracks, windows, or doors to keep floodwaters out. If you are unable to prevent the water from getting in, you can install a sub-pump. This will help drain the water as soon as it comes in.

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