Flood cleanup can be a hassle no matter the scale

How Much Rain Can Cause Your Home to Flood?

When your home floods, there’s a lot you need to do. You have to extract the water, repair the damages, check for mold, and figure out where the source of the flood is. Floods can be caused by leaky or burst pipes, sewage backups, and even a faucet that was left running. But one of the most common causes of a flood is rain. Whether it’s storming or just sprinkling, rainwater can easily find its way into your home and cause a whole slew of damages. Flood cleanup can be a lengthy and costly project, and knowing if you’re at risk for a flood is key to protecting your home.

Slight Rain

Although you may not initially consider it, even a small amount of rain can cause a flood if it continues long enough. A small leak of water in your home can eventually lead to a large pool of water if you aren’t aware of the problem. It may not be a rushing flood like you think of, but walking down to your basement after a solid day or rain to find even a few inches of water on the ground can be just as frustrating.

When your home has a structural crack or a window or door that doesn’t seal properly, rain can seep into your home. As the rains continue, the water level in your home can rise until it becomes a serious concern. Alternately, if your drain pipes aren’t cleared, or there’s a problem with your roof that prevents the water from falling off it, the buildup of rainwater and debris can cause the roof to collapse, sending a torrent of water into your home.

Heavy Rain

Heavy rains accompanied by strong winds and other storm features are going to cause the more common flood. Storm conditions can break windows, doors, and roofs, letting the heavy fall of rain into your home. Storms can also cause a dramatic buildup of water outside, which then forces its way into your home, causing more damage to your foundation. Flash floods are particularly difficult to protect against, as the amount of rainwater built up in a short time can easily wipe out safety measures. It’s important to have your property checked regularly for any weak points, especially if you know a storm is coming. You should be sure to fix any problem, no matter how small it may seem.

Flood Cleanup

When rain invades your home, there’s a lot that needs to be done to fix it up. Insight Restoration provides 24/7 emergency flood response to help you get your home back to normal as soon as possible. Our flood cleanup technicians will arrive on-site quickly to begin the job. Time is of the essence, and removing the floodwaters from your home as soon as we can is key to a timely repair. Give us a call any time, any day, at (208) 427-2534 if you need help with a flood in your home.

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