The Shocking Revelations to Prevent Sewer Backup

As a homeowner or renter, there is little worse than nasty sewer backup. The smell wafts up through your basement door, followed by the nausea-inducing sight of sewer water standing a foot deep on your basement floor. Or, you reach the bottom step only to discover sewer backed up in your floor drain, toilet, and shower. Sewer backup is a health hazard. The bacteria found in these waters is not something that you want to clean up yourself. Of course, the smell and sight would probably be enough to have you reaching for the phone in the first place.

Reasons for Backup

Why does a sewer backup? One of the main reasons for a sewer backup and flood in your home is an issue with your city sewer system. Another potential reason is a blockage in your sewer lines. If your basement floods every time you experience a heavy rain, your city’s sewer system is likely the culprit. On the other hand, there is a chance that it is something on your end. You could have a tree root growing into your sewer line, causing you issues when you attempt to drain water out of your washing machine, dishwasher, or even your toilets. These skills are generally above the skillset of a honey-do list.


The unfortunate thing about sewer backup is that a lot of time your insurance doesn’t cover this casualty. However, if they do and you put in for a claim, you still aren’t out of the water. Many insurance agencies will not continue to insure you after you’ve had a claim for a sewer backup. On the other hand, there are some insurance agencies that will still insure you, but they may reduce the amount that you are insured for, refuse to renew your insurance, or increase your deductible. Insurance agencies consider two issues with this type of sewer backup. The first is that it is likely to occur again if it does it once. The second is the biohazard of what is involved in a sewer flood is a liability.


What can be done to prevent your home from getting flooded with sewer water? To prevent a sewer water crisis in your home, you should have a professional install a double- or triple-valve system that protects your home from sewer backup. These systems can be installed in your yard and are mostly undetectable. The valves will be placed inside your sewer lines. When water begins to come towards the valves, they automatically close and will keep your basement from flooding.


Another strategy that you can employ while researching why your sewer originally backed up in the first place is to have a professional check your line for damage on a yearly basis. What do the professionals look for? They look for a deterioration of the lines, for cracks, obstructed lines, and collapsed lines.

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In conclusion, if you frequently have sewer backup in your home, you need to have a professional evaluate your set up and provide you with assistance if needed. A basement filled with sewer water is extremely dangerous. Before attempting to clean up, you must turn off the electricity to prevent shock. If you need assistance in determining what is going on with your sewer lines, contact Insight Restoration. Insight Restoration is an experienced industry leader. To get started with preventing sewer water from flooding your basement, call 208-427-2962.

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