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Why You Shouldn’t Leave a Sewer Backed Up

Dealing with a sewage backup is never pretty. But leaving a sewer backed up is even less pleasing. A backed-up sewer can lead to a whole slew of problems if left undrained. Although paying to drain a sewer or getting dirty draining it yourself isn’t ideal, it’s better than the alternative. Draining a backed-up sewer is not something that should be put off, and here are the main reasons why.


Sewage is unpleasant for a reason. All kinds of bacteria and viruses thrive in the environment sewage provides. Your backed-up sewer can host e. Coli, salmonella, and even hepatitis. In fact, according to The National Resources Defense Council, an average of two million illnesses are the result of sewage contamination.

A backed-up sewer doesn’t stay contained to your pipes. Without proper draining, sewage can leak back into your home, infecting your sinks and tubs with harmful bacteria. Leaving your sewer backed up puts you, your family, and your neighbors at risk of serious injury.

Additional Home Damage

Leaving a sewer backed up doesn’t just increase the risk of disease. Pipes need proper drainage to function, and without it, you could be facing costly home repairs. If your sewer is backed up, every time you turn on a faucet or flush a toilet, you run the risk of causing your pipes to crack or burst from the pressure. Also, without anywhere else to go, water that can’t drain through your pipes can spill back into your home, causing water damage.

Sewage problems can even affect your lawn, causing the grass to die and tree roots to become diseased. So, even though paying to drain your sewer, or spending the day doing it yourself, may seem costly, the cost of repairs for the additional damage a backed-up sewer can cause is almost always more. So be proactive and get your sewage drained before it causes more problems.

Sight and Smell

Waste trying to flow through a backed-up pipe needs somewhere to go. Unfortunately, that place is in your home or yard. Sewage can leak out of pipes in your home or under your lawn, leaving a thoroughly unpleasant sight and scent. And if the sewage is leaking into your yard, it’s not only you that has to be subject to the odor. Leaving your sewer backed up influences everyone that lives on your street. And if you have a homeowner’s association or similar group regulating your neighborhood, you could be looking at additional fines for your sewage problems.

If your home has a backed-up sewage problem, don’t hesitate to get it drained. Insight Restoration can remove the blockage from your sewer and put preventative measures in place to keep your sewer clog-free in the future. Give us a call at 208-427-2962 to discuss your sewage cleaning needs. Our certified technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to take your call and help with your restoration.

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