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Tips for Preventing Injury when Completing Storm Damage Cleanup

Any type of storm damage cleanup can result in a hazardous situation. In many cases, hazards are not always obvious to the untrained eye and attempting cleanup can result in injuries. Damage can be anywhere, from a total loss of a property to damage to just one room, a roof or patio, or windows. Trees and branches may even need to be removed to prevent further damage and injury. Calling the experts at Insight Restoration is the first step homeowners should consider. However, we know immediate action may need to be taken just to locate a phone! In serious situations, here are some tips to help prevent injury when trying to complete storm damage cleanup:

Get the Right Safety Gear

  • Hard hats
  • Goggles
  • Face masks or respirators
  • Work gloves
  • Waterproof or steel toe boots
  • Fire extinguishers

Potential Hazards Where Injuries Can Occur:

  • Contaminated water hazards – Sewage can easily spill into the water during severe storms. Not only sewage, but dangerous spills including bleaches, chemicals, or gasoline can also contaminate waters.
  • Airborne inhalation hazards
  • Drowning – Flooding water poses drowning risks for everyone, regardless of their ability to swim.
  • Animal and insect bites – Severe storms can displace animals, insects, and reptiles. To protect yourself and your family, be alert and avoid contact.
  • Wounds – Deep waters or even debris on the ground may contain sharp objects, such as glass or metal fragments that can cause injury and lead to infection.
  • Electrical Hazards – Fallen power lines are common during storms. Never drive through standing water if downed power lines are in the water. Avoid contact with overhead power lines during cleanup and other activities.

It’s important to remember to prevent injuries during storm damage cleanup. Always wear protective clothing. Wear sturdy shoes, long sleeves, and gloves whenever you handle, walk around, or are near debris. Many of the injuries caused by storms result from stepping on nails in and around damaged homes and buildings.

Attempting storm damage cleanup on your own is never recommended. If necessary, please ensure you have proper protection and avoid dangerous situations at all costs. As soon as possible, call the professionals at Insight Restoration at 208-427-3042 and we’ll respond immediately.

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