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Types of Water Damage

Water damage is a serious issue that most homes will face at least once. Whether a flood, a leaky faucet, or simple human error causes it, water damage has the capacity to cause severe damage and even health issues. However, not all water damage is the same. The type of water damage your home sustained can reveal a lot about the source of the water, the concerns it causes, and how a restoration company will handle the water cleanup. Here are the three main types of water damage and what to expect from each kind.

Whitewater Damage

Whitewater damage is the best-case scenario. Although any kind of water damage is not good, whitewater damage carries the least amount of threat and is typically the easiest to clean up. Whitewater damage is usually clear and clean, and you can generally handle it without needing any special equipment. Whitewater damage is often caused by a leak, a burst pipe, or a faucet that was left running. Although it doesn’t carry the same hazards as other kinds of water damage, whitewater can still damage your home’s structural integrity, cause electrical issues, and create an environment for mold to grow.

Graywater Damage

Graywater damage can either be as harmless as whitewater damage or as hazardous as blackwater damage. This water damage is caused by leaks, bursts, or breaks in toilets and sewage systems. Even if the water is clear, it’s still graywater damage. You should exercise caution when cleaning up the area. If there is visible waste, specialty equipment and training may be required to safely remedy the problem. Graywater can cause the same kinds of damage as whitewater, with the added hazards of health problems caused by waste.

Blackwater Damage

Blackwater damage is the most serious type of damage. We strongly caution homeowners against trying to clean it up on their own. This kind of water damage is often caused by heavy storms and floods that bring more than just water into your home. Most often found in basements, blackwater is murky and visually contaminated. It carries a host of germs and bacteria from the outside world. If not handled safely, blackwater can cause severe health concerns and even further damage to the home’s structural integrity. Always call a professional water cleanup team if you discover blackwater in your home.

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