Five Common Myths about Asbestos Removal

Is your home at risk of causing you asbestos exposure? People normally think of houses built in the 60’s or earlier as those homes or buildings that place us at a greater risk. However, homes built as early as the 1990’s have asbestos in some of the building materials. Not to mention, several products in your home currently could be exposing you to asbestos. Examples of these items include older appliances, crockpots, hair dryers, and stove mats.

Reduce Risk

So, what can you do to reduce your risk of developing cancer from asbestos? You should replace any old appliances with newer ones. Moreover, you should have your home professionally tested. If asbestos is found, let the experts get rid of it for you as it can obviously be dangerous to be exposed to asbestos. Let’s explore some myths about asbestos removal.


The first of the asbestos removal myths is regarding construction. While the asbestos in your home might not be causing a significant risk if undisturbed, the minute you start a construction project for a home remodel, you will stir it up and allow it to be breathed in. What items in your home might put you at risk of exposure? Some of the building materials that contained asbestos include flooring, shingles, tiles, and roofing. During the construction period, your family should vacate your home to prevent exposure.


The importance of not smoking around asbestos cannot be touted enough. Whether you are near the asbestos, or the experts are, do not smoke in the area. Smoking is unhealthy on its own. However, smoking when asbestos is around can increase lung cancer risk by 50-90%. Even if you smoke at your own risk, secondhand smoke is just as dangerous to others when around asbestos.


During the actual removal of discovered asbestos, it can become powdery and breathed in. As a result, any time you would like asbestos tested for or removed, you need to speak with an expert in the removal of asbestos rather than attempting a do-it-yourself project.


Once the removal is complete, you may not be out of danger yet. If you did the project by yourself or an unprepared person did the removal, the dangers may still be lurking in your home. In these cases, it is important to learn the symptoms of asbestos exposure. Some symptoms include a persistent cough, a cough with phlegm, unexplained weight loss, difficulty to breathe, and loss of appetite.

Small Doses

The last of the asbestos removal myths is that small doses are not dangerous. This is not the case. No matter what the size is of the asbestos, the substance is dangerous. Even small doses have been linked with mesothelioma.

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In conclusion, if you fear that your home has asbestos, you need an expert to evaluate the materials in your home. A home with even a small amount of asbestos can be dangerous to its inhabitants. If your home was built before the 1990’s or you’re concerned that a building material contains asbestos, you should call an expert to help you with the removal process.

Insight Restoration is one such expert in this field. We can help you determine if your family is at risk and present a plan for removing any dangerous substances. Insight Restoration is an experienced industry leader. To get started with asbestos removal, call 208-427-2962.

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