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When to Know it’s Time to Unhoard

Hoarding is a struggle a lot of people deal with for a variety of reasons. Some hoard because they can’t let go of sentimental items. Others do so because they would rather have and not need than need and not have. Some become accidental hoarders when they don’t have as much time to clean and declutter as their home needs. Whatever the reason may be, hoarding is a serious problem that can lead to severe issues, including health and safety concerns. But how do you tell the difference between saving and hoarding? When do you know it’s time to have professional hoarding removal done?

You Find Yourself Anxious at Home

Often, hoarding spills out from just one room of the house, taking over most of the space. When you are surrounded by all of that clutter, especially if you are aware of how much it is, you can start to feel anxious and worried in your own home. If you find yourself feeling on edge when you’re at your house, or you look for any reason to avoid being at home, it may be time to consider hoarding removal services.

Things Keep Going Missing

There is no way to properly organize a hoarding problem. “A place for everything and everything in its place” only goes so far when you have practically everything in your house. When a home is overtaken by a hoarding problem, you’ll find that things go missing very easily, even if you have an organization system in place. You may have a specific section of your house where you keep all your favorite sweaters, but if you have a hundred of them, finding the specific one you’re looking for is like finding a needle in a haystack. If you constantly find yourself digging through piles to find something you need, you may have a hoarding issue.

You Have Items That Serve No Purpose

It’s one thing to be prepared for what you might need, and it’s another to be prepared for everything. Holding on to items that may be useful in the future is a good idea and can be a great way to save money from having to buy them when needed. But not every item you keep is going to be helpful. Maintaining a collection of extension cords, wires, and other connections saves headaches when trying to hook up new devices or when moving them around. But if all of your devices have HDMI cables, there’s no need to hang on to the RCA cables. If you find that you are holding on to items that don’t make sense for what’s in your home, you should consider getting rid of them.


Building a hoard in your home is easy and sometimes goes unnoticed. Removing the hoard is much easier said than done. Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone. Call Insight Restoration today at (208) 427-2825 for help with hoarding removal and clean-up.

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